Count down to #SocialCircusDay with our downloadable calendar!


Please find the #SocialCircusDay logo below!

In order to participate in #SocialCircusDay, you will need to include this logo in the photos / videos of #SocialCircusDay activities that you do in your local community.

You can draw it on a piece of paper or you can print it and put it on balloons, T-shirts, any way you like it!

These are the logos in English, Spanish, and French language. If you wish to create the logo in your local language, please do!

Thank you for your participation!


  • #SocialCircusDay Logo (English)
  • #SocialCircusDay Horizontal Logo (English)








  • #SocialCircusDay Logo (French)
  • #SocialCircusDay Horizontal Logo (France)








  • #SocialCircusDay Logo (Spanish)
  • #SocialCircusDay Horizontal Logo (Spanish)